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For such a time as this...

10 years ago, I was leaving my first full time youth ministry position in Eastland, TX, to take a step of faith in going to Nashville, Tennessee. David Smith left First Baptist Corinth, TX, to begin a church reaching the people of Denton, TX. A decade later, God is working again to challenge a people to further his kingdom. To be honest, I always thought church planters were crazy. Maybe we are. But the Lord always has a way of not only getting what He wants, but preparing his people along the way. I have been at GracePointe for almost two and half years without knowing that that is exactly what God was doing in me. With GracePointe turning ten years old this year, God had been doing the same thing in Pastor Dave’s heart: church planting. He wanted to be a sender. I wanted to go. A perfect match.

Along the way God has been faithful in so many little ways, and a few major ones, to show that this was his will. We do not know the end or are even promised certain realities about where we’re going, but just like he did with Abram, I believe the Lord tells those who follow him, “Go, and I will show you the way.” And now we are embarking on a journey to try and further the gospel in a culture that sees less and less need, as well as a greater disconnect from the worldviews of the Christian. Our hope is to be able to show them the great, eternal truth of the gospel, and how it produces a culture of worship and love. God has used almost 38 years of my life and experiences, joys and pains, “for such a time as this.” Jay Beerley, June 2015

Meet the Beerleys


Jay and Christi have been on a spiritual journey together since July of 1999, the year of the Dallas Stars winning the Stanley Cup! Jay spent 11 years in student ministry in Gilmer, TX, Eastland, TX, Nashville, TN, and Texarkana, TX before accepting a call to pastor in Haskell, TX. Jay has spent the last couple of years at GracePointe Church in Denton doing student ministry, media, facilities, membership integration and more. Jay and Christi have two children, Andrew (11) and Anna (6). The Beerleys feel that their family is the centerpiece of their calling to minister. Jay and Christi are a great balance in spiritual gifts, interests and skills. They love to have people in their home, serving Christi’s famous cookies and sharing lives that center around the ministry and message of Christ. The Beerley boys are definitely nerds, and the Beerley women love them anyway. The Beerleys have a deep love for the DFW Metroplex and look forward to seeing the Lord spread his kingdom there.