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Christmas Eve Songs 2020


Lyrics for Christmas Eve service, 2020...

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CFC Announcements: April 13, 2020

Together for the Gospel Live Stream Link For more information, visit For the GroupMe Link to our CFC Service Team, visit our resource page here "Confronting Christianity" Book Discussion Forum...

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Something New is Coming!

Something new is coming!WE WILL START AT 10:30 on Sunday morning.Tomorrow morning we are going to try more of a "full" worship service for you, brought to you by people at home. We will be using some recorded videos, YouTube worship, and a live sermon all on one feed! So, please pray it goes like we want it to. Make sure you've subscribed to our YouTube channel. Here is th...

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Life for a Church in Hibernation

Logistics for life in church hibernation: Ok, well we aren't hibernating, per se. I actually believe we have the chance to hopefully make great impacts in our communities. I already see people volunteering to provide food to those who have none, especially children who depend on school for good meals. Let's do that! There are at risk people who should not be out. So, let'...

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Coronavirus Update: 3/13/20

Dear CFC Family, It seems that the speed of updates these days knows no bounds. While we stand by what we issued previously, we want to offer a little more clarity on what we are going to do moving forward as a church. At least, with as much clarity as we can. We have observed what the local authorities are advising, and will continue to monitor that. The school distric...

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Update from CFC on Coronavirus

Dear CFC Family, The elders of Cross Fellowship Church wanted to address how our church will approach the coming weeks and months where we face great uncertainty in light of the spread of the coronavirus and the response to it. We know that in times where there is a lot of confusion, pain, and fear, it's hard to keep our heads about us. But this is a time for believers in...

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In Case You Missed It: Worldview


We did not get the sermon recorded on Sunday, so I thought I would drop a basic outline here. This will help you get into the text. We are going to be applying this framework to to different topics over the next couple of weeks: the LGBTQ Issues and How to Use Your Time. I hope you will join us for that! Romans 12:1-2 What is a worldview? "A commitment, a fundamental ...

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CFC Goals for 2020

Cross Fellowship goals for 2020...

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What I Want for My Birthday

OK, so I rarely do this, but I think it's important enough to break my own tradition. Sunday is my (Pastor Jay) birthday. What would I like for my birthday? I want everyone to be in church. Seriously. That's what I'd like for my birthday. I don't think it's a ton to ask, and it would mean the world to me. Plus, we're doing something I think is really important for our chur...

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Octoberfest and Worship

Sorry about the social media silence, Pastor Jay was gone this week. We are excited about tomorrow as we dive back in to the book of Romans! Join us for our series, "Not Ashamed," as we dwell on what God's good story is for humanity. To prepare for worship, here are our songs for tomorrow. We've got some something great we're launching as well, so hope to see ...

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