2016 Year-End Projects


Often times at the end of the year people like to find opportunities to give to charitable organizations for any number of reasons. But one thing binds them all together: people want to trust that what they give will go to things that matter. Cross Fellowship Church would like to provide you the opportunity to give to our work here in North Texas.

We are providing a special offering over the next couple of weeks to those outside of our church who would like to contribute something to our efforts. We have 3 special fundraising projects we believe will help us take the next steps in ministry.

Expansion of children and youth ministries - Goal: $3,000
Our first goal is to be able to develop a fund that will help us minister to the rapidly growing age-based ministries at Cross Fellowship. Our children’s attendance has reached 25 on Sunday mornings, plus reaching more and more people in our VBS program. Our youth ministry started just a couple of months ago and in November we already had 11 youth in attendance in one small group night! As these ministries grow, they often outpace the giving growth to support them. We want to be able to help these ministries reach the young people of our area.
In our dream category, we would like to sponsor a major youth outreach event for our area. This would have evangelism at its heart. Extra Goal: $2,000

Be able to fund ministry interns- Goal: $3,000
Currently Cross Fellowship has a part-time pastor and everyone else are volunteers. We are grateful for their dedication, but the ministries are growing to the point where more is required of leadership. Our first step in staff expansion is to be able to fund part-time ministry leaders. Our first goal is to provide a children’s intern. We have already graciously received half of our goal ($3,000 has already been given) and look to secure a year’s worth of funding.
In our dream category, we would love to be able to double the amount of positions we can offer and bring on a youth intern as well. Extra Goal: $6,000

Improve our worship space equipment- Goal: $4,000
As our Sunday morning worship service has grown from 15 a year ago to averaging around 60, most of the equipment has not followed suit. We have had a few generous donations of equipment, but there is still more that can help create a worship environment for a larger congregation, a setup that can grow with us. Worshipping in a school cafeteria offers blessings in some ways and challenges in others. We want to help people be able to focus on what God is doing in their midst.
In our dream category, we would also like to be able to add portable banner signage around the facility. This will help people, especially visitors, to feel more comfortable and to know where they need to go. Extra Goal: $1,500

Our total goal is $10,000. If we go above and beyond then we will begin to fund some of the dream category stuff. If you would like to contribute to this great opportunity, there are two main ways:
Give online- Click here and choose “Special Projects”
Send a check- Make check out to “Cross Fellowship Church” and mail to
1805 Jasmine Tr, Savannah, TX 76227

We pray that God will move you to join us in our work!

Cross Fellowship Church

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