Life for a Church in Hibernation

Logistics for life in church hibernation:

Ok, well we aren’t hibernating, per se. I actually believe we have the chance to hopefully make great impacts in our communities. I already see people volunteering to provide food to those who have none, especially children who depend on school for good meals. Let’s do that! There are at risk people who should not be out. So, let’s run errands for them! Pray about how your family can meet needs in this opportunity before us.


Sunday small group host homes:

We are experimenting this week with little house churches that will have worship and a streamed in sermon. By no means is this list of host homes meant to be exhaustive. If you want to gather with some people, that’s great. Or if you want it to just be your family, we are providing resources for a worship experience. Each host home will provide a very hospital environment. Animals will be put away. Love will be on high. We ask that if you are planning on attending a group, please let that host home know so that we can prepare. Let them know if you have kids, special needs, etc.


Andrew and Lauren Wright

Worship: Chris Shaw

2021 Historic District, Savannah, TX 76227

Andrew: 719.244.6483

Lauren: 817.235.5735

Allergens: Dog



Jimmy and Tracie Bradfield

Worship: Chris Renfro

913 Cotton Exchange

Jimmy: 936.718.5416

Tracie: 936.203.3513

Allergens: Dog


Jay and Christi Beerley

Worship: Lauren Cannon

1805 Jasmine Trl, Savannah, TX 76227

Jay: 940.207.1873

Christi: 940.207.1873


Sermon streaming:

The sermon will begin streaming at 11:00 am. We will use YouTube to broadcast. So, each home can find a way to make sure the broadcast is heard. If you happen to miss it live, the recording will be there. Subscribe to our new CFC YouTube Channel. I will also post links to the video once it goes live.


Cross Fellowship YouTube Channel:

Children’s Resources:

Here are children’s bulletins and resources to use for your families or gatherings.

Children’s Bulletin

ACTS Prayer Guide Resources


Worship Resources:

These are the songs we were going to sing tomorrow. These will be good to worship with if you are by yourself, or start learning (there is a new one for us) when we gather back together.


Grace Alone:

Great Are You Lord:

Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery:

What a Beautiful Name:

If you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to reach out. Please be patient and gracious as we all try to figure this out together. Above all, seek the Lord. He is there. 


Pastor Jay