Preparing for Sunday

Happy Friday everyone!

I wanted to drop a quick line to encourage you to prepare even today for coming to church this Sunday morning. We have some very important Sundays this month that are driving home things that are vital to our life in Jesus and, in particular, the culture of Cross Fellowship Church. This Sunday we will be discussing how we become more like Jesus, a process the Bible calls disciple-making.

I ran across an article this week that I think would be beneficial for you. It is talking about small groups in particular, but really it's how all relational disciple-making. You can check it out here.

This Sunday is something they call "National Back to Church Sunday." It's a reminder to get back in the habit of attending church to commune with the people of God, to worship the King, to start your week off right. While I'm not one who loves there being a national day for everything, I do believe it's a good rallying call for our church. We say this to each other all the time: "Man, if only everyone was here at the same time."

Let's do everything we can to be here over the next several weeks. This Sunday I will be laying out a church-wide emphasis for disciple-making this Fall. Please don't miss it. Sunday morning, 10:30 am at Savannah Elementary.

To the praise of His glorious grace,