Update from CFC on Coronavirus

Dear CFC Family,

The elders of Cross Fellowship Church wanted to address how our church will approach the coming weeks and months where we face great uncertainty in light of the spread of the coronavirus and the response to it. We know that in times where there is a lot of confusion, pain, and fear, it’s hard to keep our heads about us. But this is a time for believers in Christ, who have a hope secured for them in heaven that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you (1 Peter 1:4), to be leaders in encountering the troubles of this world.

For us as individuals, I think Kevin DeYoung’s words offer us great wisdom: 

“Things Christians should not do in a pandemic: 1. Tell everyone it’s too late! 2. Tell everyone it’s not a big deal! 3. Act like experts. 4. Make everything about politics.

Things Christians can do: 1. Pray. 2. Trust God. 3. Show compassion. 4. Give thanks in all circumstances.”

We know there is a temptation to try to be “right” in this circumstance. Let’s crucify that together. No one knows how serious this is or what any kind of fall out will be. Let’s love greatly. Let’s not panic. Let’s not act like the worst thing that could happen to us is the loss of comfort. Our hope is secure. But there will be physical and economic repercussions. We need to be prepared for action.

For us as a church, we will seek to operate in prudence with the guidelines given to us by the school district or government mandates (for instance, not being able to use the school for worship). But we will not cease to gather for corporate worship. It may look very different from time to time (outdoor service anyone?), but the worship of our Lord Jesus is supreme. If you are sick, please stay home and rest and get better. Be in prayer for the gatherings around the world. But there are wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ who put their lives on the line every week to gather with the saints in corporate worship. In extreme cases, we might look to internet-based solutions, but this will be a last resort. We think the exaltation of our Holy God will maintain its place in our gospel community.

We have an opportunity to also be peacekeepers, just as Jesus challenged us to be. In that, we will bring God great glory. Remember, let us meditate on the story of the cross, show humility before the cross, share the message of the cross, and live in light of the cross.

To the praise of his glorious grace,

The Elders of CFC

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