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Confronting Christianity - Chapter 1 - Aren't We Better Off without Religion?

These discussion questions are intended to help us think through the content of the chapter. Feel free to answer each question, answer only one, or simply use them as a launching pad for your thoughts.

The author states,

Research suggests that those who regularly attend services are more optimistic, have lower rates of depression, are less likely to commit suicide, have a greater purpose in life, are less likely to divorce, and are more self-controlled.”

- What do you think makes religious participation so powerful?

- Do you think people, in general, agree with the idea that religious participation is beneficial for a person?

- In what ways have you seen the idea that biblical principles are beneficial for all people play out?

- What is your response to the idea of “Confronting Christianity”? Have you felt like you have been in environments that welcomed or encouraged the study of beliefs, or the opposite?

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