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Confronting Christianity - Chapter 10 - Doesn't the Bible Condone Slavery?

These discussion questions are intended to help us think through the content of the chapter. Feel free to answer each question, answer only one, or simply use them as a launching pad for your thoughts.

- What are your general thoughts on the chapter? Any parts stick out to you?

- Before reading this chapter, had you considered why slavery is discussed multiple times throughout the Bible? What about now?

The author states,

We all have blind spots in our beliefs, often created by the cultures that surround us.”

In some ways, it is a little frightening to look back through church history and see the numerous Christians (that in many ways we look up too) that supported slavery and some that were racist. It should cause us to be introspective, examining our own lives and beliefs.

- Thinking about racism in particular, what steps have you taken/can you take to ensure the pursuit of justice, and the furtherance of God's kingdom in both your personal and public life?

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