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Confronting Christianity - Chapter 7 - Hasn't Science Disproved Christianity?

These discussion questions are intended to help us think through the content of the chapter. Feel free to answer each question, answer only one, or simply use them as a launching pad for your thoughts.

- What are your general thoughts on the chapter? Any parts stick out to you?

Science and Christianity. It is likely that you have often heard these words/topics pitted against one another.

- Were you surprised to hear of the Christian origins of science?

- Are there any areas in your own understanding of science that you have struggled to reconcile with Christianity (or vice versa)?

An area of debate for many Christians is that of the creation accounts given to us in Genesis 1 & 2. In this chapter of Confronting Christianity, the author states,

Christians hold a range of views regarding the genre of the creation accounts in Genesis and how they relate to science. But one thing is clear: Genesis is not primarily concerned with science.”

- How has Genesis been presented to you in other settings? Has science and fact-finding been primary?

- How might shifting our focus off of fact-finding change how we read the creation account?

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