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Confronting Christianity - Chapter 9 - Isn't Christianity Homophobic?

These discussion questions are intended to help us think through the content of the chapter. Feel free to answer each question, answer only one, or simply use them as a launching pad for your thoughts.

- What are your general thoughts on the chapter? Any parts stick out to you?

The author states,

People sometimes say that the Bible condemns same-sex relationships. It does not. The Bible commands same-sex relationships at a level of intimacy that Christians seldom reach.”

- Have your conversations about same-sex relationships focused on condemning them, or the command for them?

The author discusses how we as humans thrive on boundaries. The Bible’s sexual ethic creates another set of boundaries. Those outside of Christianity (and some within) do not see these boundaries as helpful or as intended for our good.

- How do your friends (both believing and unbelieving) view the Bible’s sexual ethic?

- How can we talk about the boundaries God lays out in the Bible, particularly regarding sexuality, as good?

The author discussed the “them & us” mentality that is common in the church. She stated,

“Christians have often confused the Bible’s clear boundaries around sex with a license for unloving, superior, and judgmental attitudes toward gay and lesbian people.”

- Why do you think this has been the case? What can we do to change this?

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