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Evangelism - Chapter 1 - Of Altar Calls and Laser Lights


Our goal for this particular reading is a little different than some of our past efforts. We focused more on developing thoughts on topics, which is great. We have more of those coming as well. But for this evangelism book, our goal is very practical: we want this book to inspire you to share your faith.

I believe that developing a culture of evangelism is a vital part of the lifeblood of our church. Simply put, if we are not evangelizing, we are not a church. Hear me on that. Our goal is not to be a religious club. We have to be making disciples. And if we are not doing the first step of that, evangelism, then we are not doing what we're told to do by Jesus.

It's easy to look at how others do evangelism and criticize. I know I've been guilty of that in my life. They guy on the street corner with a bullhorn. The young lady knocking on a door with a presentation ready. The coworker passing out gospel tracts. In our minds we think, "That's not the best way to do this." But you know what? They're doing it. 

Now, I want us to try as a church figure out the best and biblical ways we can evangelize, but I love what Mack Styles says on page 23: "There is much room for humility when it comes to evangelism." That's where we have to start. Not with a cynical attitude. Not with a critical attitude. But one that is excited about the God of the universe changing people's lives because someone in our church took the time to tell them the gospel.

Let's go on this evangelism journey together!

Pastor Jay


Key quotes:

"Evangelism is teaching the gospel with the aim to persuade." - p. 26

"Jesus was engaging but he never entertained." - p. 28

"Salvation must be revealed to us by God through his words." - p. 29

"Additions to the gospel, however good or good-hearted, corrupt the gospel." - p. 33

"We aren't persuaded in a biblical sense unless we repent, place genuine faith in Jesus, and walk with him." - p. 38

Discussion question options:

1. In what ways do you think you struggle with how you perceive evangelism?

2. What are some of the quotes that inspired you?

3. What do you think of the definition of the gospel: "the joyful message from God that leads us to salvation?"

4. We live in an age where the idea of persuading people and being confident about something like salvation is looked down upon. Do you struggle with telling absolute truth confidently?

5. What are some of your main takeaways from the chapter?


1. I tend to think of evangelism as something I am not equipped for and a talent i am not gifted with.
2. "I often wonder whether more people come to faith over lunch when someone asks, "what did you think about the sermon today?" than during the sermon itself." That I can do.
3. It is a simple definition. But I think It would be hard for the lost to understand. It needs further defining.
4. Less and less every day. We live in a society that is always ready to take a stand on every issue whether needed or not. When we talk about salvation we are talking about the issue that affects whether they spend eternity in heaven or hell.
5. I was really stuck by the story of the fire alarm on page 38. Do I follow christ closely enough that I "walk out" and walk with him.
1. I struggle with the way I see Evangelism because I feel like I need to have all the answers before I go out there.
2. “Evangelism is teaching the Gospel with the aim to persuade”
3. I think it is factual and inspires hope for people who are struggling with evangelism or even their own faith.
4. I do but mostly because the people I talk to have been burned by a church or by “believers”
5. You have to make sure someone is a believer before baptism or acceptance to church membership.

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