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Evangelism - Chapter 2 - A Culture of Evangelism


Honestly, there's not much that brings me greater joy than our faith community. A group of people who have voluntarily chosen to be an eternal family, that's something that can bring great satisfaction. I love being with each and every one of our church members.

The thing that can become a great temptation is to look around at our wonderful church and decide, "Yeah, this is enough." Not because every church should be striving for purely numerical growth. It's because every church should have a great burden for the lost people who are right there in our neighborhoods, who don't know Jesus, and will not spend an eternity with a loving family worshipping the One, True God.

This chapter does a great job laying out a vision for establishing a culture dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus and expanding our faith community by challenging one another to obey the Great Commission. I pray this is the vision you have for our church as well! I pray we are all a part of the solution.

Pastor Jay


Key quotes: 

In response to doing big productions: "If members spent half the time they had spent on the production in friendly evangelistic conversations with neighbors, coworkers, or fellow students, they would see a better response to the gospel and reach even more people." - p. 45

"I yearn for a culture of evangelism that never trades confidence in the gospel for confidence in techniques, personalities, or entertainment gimmicks." - p. 49

"To get hearts is a work of the Spirit alone." - p. 51

"Each and every one of us carries God's mark. That is why Christians believe that all people have dignity, worth, and value." - p. 52

"Most of all we're mindful of what people can become: new creations in Christ, renewed and restored by the transforming power of God." - p. 53

"Evangelistic failure is better than not trying evangelism at all." - 57


Discussion questions options:

- What are some of the other quotes that inspired you?

- Which of the aspects of a culture of evangelism do you think you are best at? Which do you think could use some work?

- Which of the aspects of a culture of evangelism do you think our church is best at? Which do you think could use some work?

- How did this chapter maybe reshape your ideas about what the role of evangelism is in the church?

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-“Even the teaching I’ve done over the years has mostly been about personal evangelism. That’s odd to me, especially because evangelism is scary and I don’t like doing scary things by myself.” p 43
“It’s not that evangelism has been tried and found wanting, it’s that evangelism has been found difficult and left untried.” p 42
“The world tempts weak Christians to be ashamed of the gospel.” p 49
“How easy it is to adopt the culture of the world and regard people based on sexist, racist, or other superficial views.” p 51
“That is why Christians believe all people have dignity, worth, and value.” p 52
“Christians are called to share their faith as a point of faithfulness, not gifting (Matt 28:19). p 54
“But I’ve always loved the observation that it was not so much that Paul was chained to a guard, but that a guard was chained to Paul.” p 60
-I am best at a culture in which people teach one another and a culture motivated by love for Jesus and His gospel. I could use some work at a culture aun which people who are sharing their faith are celebrated and a culture doing ministry that feels risky and is dangerous.
-Our church is best at a culture of being motivated by love for Jesus and His gospel and a culture that is confident in the gospel. Our church could work on a culture in which people who are sharing the faith are celebrated and a culture that understands that the church is the chosen and best method of evangelism.
-I can away with a strong affirmation that evangelism should play a central role in the church. We tend to worry more about the every day things (logistical things) and not a lot of thought or energy is given to evangelism.

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