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The Gospel Comes with a House Key: Chapter 2


One of the main things that chapter two reminds me of is this: very often in our life we are confronted with the reality that true worship of Jesus demands that our hearts are obsessed with him. When we compare him to all other things, we bail on them and choose him. Jesus put it this way: if you find a treasure in a field, you sell all you have so you can have that treasure.

Butterfield lays out in the opening pages of the chapter an example from her own life and from the lives of several people in the Bible what kind of change this brings about in your life. Simply by definition, being a Christian means that our entire paradigms must be changed. This is what she calls the Jesus Paradox. We leave behind the idea that we just simply need to be better and embrace the eternal gospel truth that we need Jesus.

She also points to our need, once in Jesus, to be united in community with his bride, the local church. Consider this from pages 29-30: "he gave us his bride, the church-his church-to which we who believe are called to make a covenant of membership, to become a family, to be both set apart missionally placed in the world, to take care in a daily way of our brothers and sisters in Christ, to receive instruction and rebuke when needed, to support the pastor and elders in church discipline, to act like a visible family of God, and to draw others who do not yet know the pricey love of God into our homes, familes, and churches." 

Wow, that's serious stuff. But joyful stuff. So, can we get an amen to that? If so, this is what Butterfield is challenging us to: radically ordinary hospitality. That means to use your Christian home in a daily way that seeks to make strangers neighbors, and neighbors the family of God. It is "to build, focus, deepen, and strengthen the family of God, pointing others to the Bible-believing local church, and being earthly and spiritually good to everyone we know."

She fleshes a lot of this out through the rest of the chapter, but let's make this a discussion. Do you agree with the premise? What parts of the rest of the chapter stuck out to you?

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