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The Gospel Comes with a House Key: Intro and Chapter 1


Over the course of this summer we are going to be reading the book The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield. Each week Pastor Jay will be reflecting on a chapter of the book. Read at your own pace. Comment on things that impacted you. Hopefully by the end of the summer our hearts will be more inclined to gospel-fueled hospitality.

“We want to be like the New Testament church!” I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard a statement like this over my almost two decades in ministry, but it’s been a lot. For everyone who’s gotten to a point of being really serious about their faith, there has been a time where you landed with the notion of just getting back to the way things were back then.

But what were things really like? Is that possible? One of the distinctive marks of the church we encounter in the Bible is that they really seemed to have a different level of dedication to one another that is greatly lacking in our Western, individualistic society. Enter Rosaria Butterfield’s book.

I’m grateful for her commitment to put this out there. To be sure, it’s not self-help or feel-good material. The whole premise will be sacrifice. A sacrifice of time, resources, ideals, and idols. I’m excited, and pretty scared as well. From the premise of the preface and first chapter, the Spirit that dwells inside of me is telling me this is right and difficult.

One of the primary takeaways/discussions that chapter 1 leads us to is this: what kind of impact do you think you’ve had on your neighbors? What kind of impact have people had on you? I’m enjoying her story, but I’m wondering about yours as well. Please write me and tell me your most impactful neighbor story!

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