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The Gospel Comes with a House Key: Chapter 4


"Our lack of genuine hospitality to our neighbors...explains why counterfeit hospitality seems attractive."


The weight of that statement is still on me. Whenever I talk about our church plant [which, let's be honest people, is pretty much now just a church ;)], one of the things that has come to be a part of our success is that we have begun this journey. By no means do I think we have arrived. And sometimes I do worry our culture might be taking some steps back. But I think our church is trying to model this. At least, that's what I want. Genuine hospitality.

And I love the aspect of God's providence guiding us through that. God doesn't get the address wrong. He knows who he wants us to be in contact with. Two quick stories and let's get to discussion.

When we first moved here Christi and I made it a mission to have people in our home eating a dinner with us. We still try to do it, but it doesn't happen near enough. One couple in particular we still laugh about because it was so awkward! It's pretty much our only awkward story. But man, it still brings me joy thinking about it. Standing in line at school registration is as good a place as any to extend an invitation to a dinner. 

This past weekend my daughter had a sleepover here at our house. The girls arrived in the morning and spent the day together doing stuff. Then, come Friday night, there is a knock on the door and another little girl was standing there who we didn't know was coming. If you know my wife, she's a planner. The internal war begins. "This just isn't right. You can't show up unannounced! There aren't enough crafts. There isn't a matching t-shirt. What if the dynamic of the group is ruined?!"

But God doesn't get the address wrong. They invited her in. I stopped by the store for the craft and matching shirt. And all was well. We loved on her because God sent her our way for his own reasons. We must get close enough to those around us to say, "You are welcome here. Come as you are. Take my hand. I'm not leading, I'm following. Jesus is leading." (p. 86)

What were the high points for you in chapter four?

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